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Made by Hydraxous. Goofy wacky weapons mod!

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BepInEx pack for Mono Unity games. Preconfigured and ready to use.

Preferred version: 5.4.2100



An ULTRAKILL mod with fun weapons!!


The mod is currently in VERY early development so more weapons will be released in time and the functionality of all of them will be improved upon greatly in the future. Also almost all the weapons are ridiculously overpowered as the balance has not yet been refined. The weapons will be re-balanced properly when most of the weapons are done. For now it's just for fun so try not to take it too seriously. In the meantime you can have some fun with the absolute hilariously buggy mess that is this mod.

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Sonic Reverberator

Sonic Reverberator - Kinetic weapon

The Sonic Reverberator is a device built around a strange artifact which seems to hold an untold amount of energy. After charging the device and exciting the artifact, this device is capable of unleashing a MASSIVE amount of energy in devastating shockwave. Promotional Art Sonic Reverberator Click image for Demo Video ^^

However, it's best to be careful. Overcharging this weapon could have disasterous consequences and it will need to cool down for a while.

To use the weapon, hold Primary Fire to charge it and press Secondary Fire to release charged energy.

Planned changes:

  • Total rework

EGG - Throwable device

The EGG in the correct hands can be absolutely devastating. Nobody understands where it came from, but it's here. The EGG can be thrown or dropped below you. When the EGG is airborne, you can shoot it for an EGGSPLOSION which will hurl more EGG at nearby enemies.

EGG weapon demo video Click the image for Demo Video ^^

To use the weapon, you can press Primary Fire to throw an egg and Secondary Fire*to drop it below you without inheriting your speed.

Planned changes:

  • TBA
Focalyzer V1

Focalyzer V1 - Energy weapon

The Focalyzer functions by focusing a weak laser beam into a specialized crystal which amplifies it's wavelength allowing it to deliver massive energy streams at vast distances. UNRELATED FUN FACT: The scientist who created it was apparently vaporized along with 12 others at a dance party shortly after the device's invention.

Focalyzer video demo Click the image for Demo Video ^^

To use the weapon, you can hold Primary Fire to fire the laser. The laser can be used to damage enemies by itself. However, by pressing Secondary Fire you can dispense one of the six Pylons from the weapon. When a Pylon is charged with a Focalyzer beam it will refract the beam in random directions. If several Pylons are within range of each other the Pylons will refract the beam to eachother dealing damage over an area.

Planned changes:

  • N/A

ULTRABALLER - Throwable Device

Crafted from the finest rubber or leather or... yeah we don't know. But it's bouncy!

Ultraballerimage Click for "demo" video ^

How to use: You can throw the ball with primary fire. Alternatively you can charge your throw by holding primary fire and release for a stronger throw. You can also softly throw the ball with secondary fire. When the ball is in play, you can pull it towards you by holding secondary fire. Releasing secondary fire will send the ball away from you again.

You can shoot the ball with the revolver or parry it to excite it. When the ball gets excited it will attempt to find the nearest enemy and perform a homing attack at it.

Every time the ball bounces it increases it's speed and damage. While excited the ball will have even further increased speed and damage output.

Press K while the weapon is eqiupped to swap the skin on the ball between kickball and basketball.

Planned changes:

  • None
Focalyzer V2

Focalyzer V2 - Energy weapon

The Focalyzer V2 is quite similar to it's predecessor. However, the main difference is that your pylons will now follow your command very carefully.

Focalyzer2 Demo video coming soon ^^

To use the weapon, you can hold Primary Fire to fire the laser. The laser can be used to damage enemies by itself. However, by pressing Secondary Fire you can dispense a pylon from the weapon. When a pylon is active, it will fire at the exact point that you are firing at! Pylons will recharge faster with a higher style rank.

Planned changes:

  • Balancing
Hand Gun

Hand Gun - Hand type weapon :)

The Hand gun is like your hand but its a gun lol

Hand Gun Demo video coming soon ^^

Primary fire shoots a powerful, piercing, explosive beam. The beam is so powerful it can destroy enemy projectiles mid flight!

Planned changes:

  • Balancing
  • Sound fixes
  • Secondary action

Miscellaneous additions

Weapon manager available in the pause menu in-game for easy UFG weapon management. You can also press the I key to open it at any time and the button can be rebound in the config.


This mod also includes some custom Style metrics to go along with the weapons. Some enemies have a unique Skill metric with certain weapons.

custom skill points

The mod adds custom slots which will hold the weapons.


  • Fixed UI cursor issue.
  • Added CyberGrind score disqualifier.
  • Added version checking.

Available versions

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