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17 Brand New Start Scenarios with an alternative intro Quest, some with unique gameplay changes to spice new playthroughs or join factions immediately
Last updated: 8 months ago
Alchemist Spanish
Nuevas habilidades basadas en la Alquimia. Conviértete en un maestro de las bombas y transforma materia a través de diferentes estadios de la alquimia para liberar su verdadero poder. Más información en la página web.
Last updated: 8 months ago
New Skill tree based on alchemy. Master bombs and transform matter through various stages of alchemy in order to unlock its true power. UPDATE 1.1: RITES OF ALCHEMY - Find the clues for special rites! Check the Website for more infos.
Last updated: 8 months ago
4 original Classes: Spellslinger + Soul-Mage + Mad Whisperer + Apothecaries (regional). Plus SelfDefence with universal perks like Drink on the move, charged heavy attacks, dodge cancelling, and more!
Last updated: 10 months ago