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New Lore-Friendly Quests, random events and rewards.

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BepInEx pack for Outward.

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New Lore-Friendly Quests, random events and rewards.

Outward's world is amazing, but to me it lacks a bit of quests. Lets fix that!

Quests of Aurai aims to populate the world with new small quests, objectives, random events and scenarios, in a Lore-friendly, balanced, and fun way. With new rewards and perks if you succeed.

What new quests are there?

  • Vendavel recruit - Betray the Blue Chamber and Cierzo! Join the vendavel in their next town raid!

    Keep in mind, this may have its own consequences...

There's lots of plans for this mod, consider it an expansion of Alternate Start but for existing playthroughs. For now its one new quest, but this opens up many new options for the future.

All ideas are welcome! Feel free to check my contact below

Contact: Discord (or nexus, but I check them less often)

Any questions, bugreports, feedback or just to say hi, join the Outward Modding Community discord and leave it at the iggythemad-workshop channel, or feel free to message me directly #iggythemad .

  • v1.0 Release with Vendavel quest.

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