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Extra QuickSlots

Adds Extra QuickSlots to the Keyboard Quickslot Bar

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_Outward-5.4.15 icon

BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.15
Mefino-Outward_Config_Manager-16.3.3 icon

BepInEx's in-game configuration manager, customized for Outward.

Preferred version: 16.3.3
sinai-dev-SideLoader-3.5.0 icon

API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.5.0



Extra QuickSlots enables additional Keyboard QuickSlots and repositioning of the QuickSlot and Stability Bars.

  1. Set the amount of extra keyboard Quick Slots.
  2. Restart the game.
  3. Set the positions of both bars.


Configuration Instructions

First-time Configuration

  • Click "Start modded" in r2modman.
  • Press F5 to open up the Configuration Manager.
  • Expand the Extra Quickslots X.X.X configuration.
  • Set the first setting, QuickSlots to add, to the amount of Extra Quickslots you want. For example, entering 3 will add 3 quickslots to the existing 8 in the unmodded game for a total of 11.
  • Restart the game. (Exit and "Start modded" in r2modman again)
    • Restarting is required whenever the QuickSlots to add value is changed before it takes effect.

UI / Alignment Options

  • Center QuickSlot bar - Centers the QuickSlot bar horizontaly. You will probably need to make additional adjustments as the QuickSlot and Stability Bars will likely overlap with this option.
  • QuickSlot and Stability Bar Alignment
    • MoveQuickSlotAboveStability: Moves the QuickSlot Bar above the Stability Bar. The Y Offset QuickSlot Bar by setting allows for additional fine tuning of the QuickSlot Bar when this option is selected.
    • MoveStabilityAboveQuickSlot: Moves the Stability Bar above the QuickSlot Bar. The Y Offset Stability Bar by setting allows for additional fine tuning of the Stability Bar when this option is selected.
    • AbsolutePositioning: Absolute X-Y coordinate positioning of the stability and quickslot bars.

Configuring Hotkeys

  • The Extra Quick Slots will be at the top of the Quick Slots section of the Keyboard settings, starting with "Ex Quickslot 1".
  • Configure them to whatever you like, keeping in mind keys may already be assigned elsewhere.
  • Assign Items or Skills to your new slots.

ThunderStore with r2modman Installation Instructions


Change Logs

Latest Version 1.0.1

  • Repositioning of stability bar should now work consistently without requiring a restart.
  • Quickslot bar absolute positioning now uses the left bottom corner instead of the center X position.
  • Updated internal logging to BepInEx logger.
  • Other Minor changes for release.

Beta Version 0.4.0

  • Beta release of Extra QuickSlots!
  • Implemented minumum versions into config. Config to be recreated from scratch if minimum version is not met.
    • Noticed issues when updating from older versions of this mod caused by my inability to name anything correctly the first, second or third time. Decided on a clean start for Beta.
  • Reworked to get rid of the "sidecar" shared mod that was loading alongside with ExtraSlots with its own configuration.

Alpha Version 0.3.7

  • Settings in ConfigurationManager use friendly display names instead of their internal variable / config names.
  • Stability and Quickslot Bar positioning settings no longer advanced and show/hide depending on alignment setting selected.
  • New Absolute Positoning option added to alignment options.
  • The QuickSlot* and Stability Bars will be moved to the bottom right corner the first time this new Alignment option is set.
    • *If the "Center QuickSlot bar" option is enabled, the X Position setting of the QuickSlot will be effectively ignored. Disable centering if you want to control the X position.
  • Internal - Rewrite of how config settings and the configuration handler are managed. Again...

Alpha Version 0.2.0

  • Fix for infinite load issue when the "16 gamepad quickslots" setting was enabled in Vheos Mod Pack.
  • UI Config changes.
    • Changing any UI setting should now be applied without restarting.
    • ExtraSlotsAlignmentOption renamed to QuickSlotBarAlignmentOption
    • Additional UI Options for offsetting Quickslot and Stability bars. (requires "Advance settings" to be enabled for now).
  • All settings, except ExtraQuickSlots, should now be applied without requiring a restart.
  • Lots of internal code cleanup

Alpha Version 0.1.0

  • Initial Release of Extra Quickslots

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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2021-9-15 1.0.1 296 Version 1.0.1 Install
2021-7-11 0.4.0 1310 Version 0.4.0 Install
2021-7-10 0.3.7 101 Version 0.3.7 Install
2021-7-6 0.2.0 134 Version 0.2.0 Install
2021-7-5 0.1.1 48 Version 0.1.1 Install
2021-7-5 0.1.0 25 Version 0.1.0 Install