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Arrow Recipes Reworked

Arrow Recipes Change Module From Weapon Balance Patch

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#Arrow Recipe Reworked - Weapon Balance Patch Module

###This is one of the modules from Weapon Balance Patch mod, made as a separate file for your convenience


###Table of contents:

  • Arrowhead Kit (x3): now can be crafted with 3 Iron Spikes and Palladium Scrap in survival menu

  • Poison Arrow (x3): now can be also crafted with 3 Arrows and a Poison Rag in survival menu

  • Flaming Arrow (x3): now can be also crafted with 3 Arrows and a Fire Rag in survival menu

  • Forged Arrow (x3): now can be crafted with Iron Spike and Arrowhead Kit in survival menu

  • Palladium Arrow: now crafted in survival menu instead of alchemy, no changes to the recipe

  • No alchemy station recipes were changed

  • That mod allowes for early game arrow crafting without breaking any balance of the game

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