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Daggers for mainhand(Knives), Totally New Custom Daggers, Big Dagger Overhaul, new trainer with new skill tree (Shadow Assassin)

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BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.19
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Knives Master - Spanish Version - By stormcancer

Ever wanted to use daggers on your main hand?

Well I got you covered. That's exactly what this mod does! You can craft every dagger on survival crafting with one thick oil and your got yourself a Knife for your main hand, they still work as regular swords but with faster attack speed andf weaker special attacks. To reverse any knife back to normal dagger just craft it with linen cloth!

Ever wanted to enchant your daggers?

I got you there too! All daggers and knives are now able to be enchanted the same way any other weapon does!

Ever wanted more daggers to choose from?

Yeah that happened too! Now there are even more new daggers fitted into the vanilla weapon families! Some vanilla daggers got renamed and adjusted to fit those famillies and their style, some are removed vanilla daggers that I brought back to life, some are custom recolored daggers and some are brand new daggers with new custom models contributed by Gothiska, many thanks to him!!! (Also there are many new Legacy daggers and knives.)

Ever wanted to play like an Assassin?

Then Master Razon await you to meet him in your journeys to Aurai. Master Razon will teach you the tricks of Knives, Darkness and the way of the Assassin, you will find him in Berg near the Assassin Trader.

You want more weapons and armors?

After Updated Version 3.0.2 this mod is fully compatible with "WeaponBalancePatch version:1.4" Mod of Proboina and I highly recommend it for more interesting weapons stats and effects!

Also if you want the new weapons and armors aswell download "Weaponry and Enchantments Additions" and "Armory Additions" too. I recommend them for a full weaponry experience. ;)

Future plans

More balance, even more custom daggers.


To report any bugs join Outward Modding Community on Discord and leave your commend on knives-master-mainhand-daggers Channel! Thanks a lot!


Again many thanks to Gothiska for the amazing 3d models. Many thanks to Proboina for his contributions on Nightmare Dagger and creation of Crescent Dagger! Also thanks a lot to Emo for his HUGE help on making and learning how to mod, and thanks to all the Outward Modding Community for there help and ideas!

Enjoy! :)


Spoilers Ahead!

Whats New:


  • Junk Dagger(Overhaul of Shiv Dagger.)

  • Iron Dagger(Ovwehaul of Rondel Dagger)

  • Brutal Dagger(Overhaul of Broad Dagger)

  • Horror Dagger(Recipe sold by Monsoons Alchemist.)

  • Obsidian Dagger(Recipe sold by Bergs Assassin Merchant.) (Obtained from Kazite Spellblade)

  • Chalcedony Dagger(Recipe sold by Cierzos Alchemist Merchant.)

  • Damascine Dagger(Recipe sold by Bergs Alchemist Merchant.)

  • Kazite Dagger(Can be dropped by Kazites.)

  • Fang Dagger(Recipe sold by Bergs Assassin Merchant.)

  • Marble Dagger(Sold by Harmattans Blacksmith.)

  • Virgin Dagger(Sold by Harmattans Blacksmith.)

  • Palladium Dagger(Sold by Monsoons Blacksmith.)

  • Zhorn's Glowstone Dagger(Got Buffed.)

  • Tsar Dagger(Recipe sold by Monsoons Blacksmith.)

  • Crescent Dagger(Recipe sold by Cierzos Alchemist Merchant)

  • Shadow's Knife(Crafted with Shadow's Dagger which is obdained in Cursed Diseases Mod)


  • Masterpiece Dagger(Legacy evolution of Damascine Dagger.)

  • Meteoric Dagger(Legacy evolution of Obsidian Dagger.)

  • Golden Junk Dagger(Legacy evolution of Junk Dagger.)

  • Red Lady's Inferno Dagger(Legacy evolution of Red Lady's Dagger.)

  • Zhorn's Radiant Dagger(Legacy evolution of Zhorn's Glowstone Dagger.)

  • Savage Dagger(Legacy evolution of Fang Dagger.)

  • Nosferatus Dagger(Legacy evolution of Vampiric Dagger.)

  • Alpha Dagger(Legacy evolution of Wolf Dagger.)

  • Nightmare Dagger(Legacy evolution of Horror Dagger.)

  • Sanguine Dagger(Legacy evolution of Brutal Dagger.)


  • Nyx in a Bottle(Created while Darkness Imbue is active and you consume a Mist potion.)


  • Dual Slash(A dual slash attack that builds up Bleed Out on bleeding enemies. Successful attacks on bleeding enemies also refund most of its cooldown.) (PreBreakthrough Active)

  • Darkness(Grants the Darkness boon, which increases your Stealth and gives you the power to restore Mana per weapon hit. Consuming the Mist Potion while the Darkness Boon is actives seems to trap that weird creature in the bottle... Certain skills require this boon to be active. With Shamanic Resonance those effects get stronger.) (PreBreakthrough Active)

  • Assassin's Agility(Reduces your Cooldowns by 15% and increases your Attack Speed by 15%.) (Breakthrough Passive)

  • Assassination(Required: One Handed Weapon. Leap and slash your enemy. Enemies with Bleeding or Extreme Bleeding take extra damage and impact. More effective if the blow is dealt on the back of an enemy.) (AfterBreakthrough Active)

  • Blink Strike(Required: Darkness Boon, One Handed Weapon. Rushing round slash that blinks through the enemies and steals their Mana.) (AfterBreakthrough Active)

  • Dark Sigil(Requires: Mana Stone and Nyx in a Bottle. Create a Dark Sigil on the ground. Certain skills have additional effects when cast within this circle.) (AfterBreakthrough Active)

  • Inner Darkness(Increase your resistance to Ethereal by 20 and the Ethereal damage you inflict is increased by 15%) (AfterBreakthrough Passive)

  • Shadow Cloak(Required: Darkness Boon. Cloak yourself with darkness and vanish for a short duration. Any attack in that duration breaks the effect and creates an ethereal blast that inflicts Disintegrate. Consumes Darkness Boon.) (AfterBreakthrough Active)

  • Countertrick(Blocks an attack, teleporting you back and giving you the Darkness boon.)(Can be used also with Bows)(AfterBreakthrough Active)

Dark Sigil Combo Spells:

  • 1 Dark Sigil + Spark = Dark Projectile(deals Ethereal Damage and inflicts Dot status Disintegrate)

  • 2 Dark Sigil + Mana Ward = Dark Decoy(Creates a continues Blast of Shadow Decoys that inflict Fear on enemies.)

  • 3 Dark Sigil + Conjure = Dark Flames(Creates a huge continues Blast of siphoning Ethereal Flames that deals Ethereal damage and inflicts Dot Ethereal Hex on enemies.)

  • 4 Dark Sigil + Mana Push = Dark Comet(Summon a dark comet from the sky to your target that deals a aoe Blast of Ethereal Damage and strong impact. Inflicts Dot Ethereal Hex.)

  • 5 Dark Sigil + Mystical Infusions(Infuses your weapons with Mystic Darkness Imbue.) (Mystical Infuse Weapon skill can be found in my Classfixes Part 1 Mod.)

All Skilltrees Layouts


Trainer Location


Available versions

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