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All entities have their detection values altered into one of four categories.

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BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.19


Enemies are divided into 4 groups, Passive, Low-vision/High-hearing, Aggressive, and everyone else. Depending on which group an enemy falls into, it will have a specific set of detection values applied.

Passive enemies are territorial or non-aggressive. Creatures that won't become hostile unless you get too close. Creatures that wouldn't make sense to charge someone from 100 meters away. Pearlbirds and Mantis Shrimp are these kinds of enemies. Low-vision/high-hearing enemies have poor eyesight but excellent hearing. Troglodytes are the prime example. If you remain still and quiet it's possible for them to walk right past, but if you're moving they'll hear you from much further away. Aggressive enemies. The distinction between general and aggressive is much smaller than other groups. Aggressive enemies have reduced max hearing range but increased hearing detection, and they will aggro faster when you're detected. Hyenas and Taunosaurs are Aggressive enemies. Everyone else is given general values, based on how far away you would expect a human to react.

To give you an idea of the changes compared to vanilla: General & Aggressive enemies have 2.5x max vision range, Passive enemies have 1.33x max vision range, and low-vision/high-hearing enemies have vanilla max vision range.

No enemy uses completely vanilla values, and this should be compatible with any mods that add new enemies (but any new enemies will probably be in the "everyone else" group).

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