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Alchemical Expansion

Adds 15 brand new potions to the game.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.5.6
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BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.18


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Alchemical Expansion

Alchemical Expansion currently adds 15 new potions all with their own recipe and corresponding recipe scroll.

Each recipe have a 10% chance to be in Alchemists stock in every city. If you don't want to pay for the recipes you can find them at the bottom of this page.

REQUIRES ALL DLC - If you want a DLC free version, let me know.

New Potions & Effects:

Life Regen | Greater Life Regen | Grand Life Regen

Regenerates Life over time, stacks with other healing buffs.

Mana Regen | Greater Mana Regen | Grand Mana Regen

Regenerates Mana over time, stacks with other mana regeneration buffs.

Speed Potion

Increases your movement speed by 25%.


Increases your movement speed by 50%, but reduces all your other stats. Useful for fast traveling.

Bulwark Potion

Increases your Physical & Impact resistance, but lowers your Physical & Impact damage.

Sacrifical Potion

Restores all your burnt Stamina and Mana, but burns 30 health.

Unstable Flame

Increases your Fire damage, but reduces your Fire resistance.

Unstable Bolt

Increases your Lightning damage, but reduces your Lightning resistance.

Unstable Blood

Increases your Decay damage, but reduces your Decay resistance.

Unstable Mist

Increases your Ethereal damage, but reduces your Ethereal resistance.

Unstable Icicle

Increases your Frost damage, but reduces your Frost resistance.


SPOILERS: For Recipes click here here if you don't want to buy them in-game!
Speed Potion:
    1x Water
    1x Gravel Beetle
    1x Spice Beetle
    1x Krimp Nut

    1x Water
    1x Crystal Powder
    1x Crystal Powder
    1x Crysocolla Beetle

Unstable Icicle:
    1x Elemental Particle - Ice
    1x Dreamer's Root
    1x Frosted Powder
    1x Cold Stone

Unstable Flame:
    1x Elemental Particle - Fire
    1x Dreamer's Root
    1x Fire Stone
    1x Seared Root

Unstable Mist:
    1x Elemental Particle - Ether 
    1x Dreamer's Root
    1x Ghost's Eye
    1x Mana Stone

Unstable Blood:
    1x Elemental Particle - Decay
    1x Dreamer's Root
    1x Grilled Crabeye Seed
    1x Occult Remains

Unstable Bolt:
    1x Elemental Particle - Light 
    1x Dreamer's Root
    1x Firefly Powder
    1x Azure Shrimp

Sacrificial Potion:
    1x Rancid Water
    1x Thick Oil
    1x Smoke Root
    1x Occult Remains

Bulwark Potion:
    1x Water
    1x Insect Husk
    1x Greasy Fern
    1x Gravel Beetle

Life Regen Potion
    1x Water
    1x Blood Mushroom
    1x Gravel Beetle
    1x Crystal Powder

Greater Life Regen Potion
    1x Life Regen Potion
    1x Gravel Beetle
    1x Greasy Fern
    1x Grilled Salmon

Grand Life Regen Potion
    1x Greater Life Regen Potion
    1x Leyline Water 
    1x Purifying Quartz
    1x Horror Chitin

Mana Regen Potion
    1x Water
    1x Turmmip
    1x Star Mushroom
    1x Crystal Powder

Greater Mana Regen Potion
    1x Mana Regen Potion
    1x Ghost's Eye
    1x Greasy Fern
    1x Grilled Rainbow Trout

Grand Mana Regen Potion
    1x Greater Mana Regen Potion
    1x Leyline Water
    1x Purifying Quartz
    1x Manticore Tail

Thanks to Sinai for his amazing SideLoader tool and all of his support.

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