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Advanced Picks and 'Poons. New gathering tools that provide bonuses(including harvesting sickle!)

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.4.2
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BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.8


APP - Advanced Picks and 'Poons

This is an item mod that adds (currently) 2 tiers of 3 new items. Mining Picks, Fishing Harpoons, and Harvesting Sickles. These items will have a chance to increase harvesting yields for their respective nodes.

These are designed to be balanced and will require the player to seek out acquiring the tools. I will add hints to the bottom of this file for help getting started as well as spoiler information giving the nuts and bolts of the mod.

Latest updates

0.9.6 Update

  • Added emission effects for Expert tools!
  • Updated sickle skins
  • Minor typo corrections

0.9.5 Update

  • Added model for Harvesting Sickles!!!
  • Harvesting Sickles now will lose durability on node gathers
  • Added custom skins for the picks and poons!
  • Updated merchant tables for recipes(See "Under the Hood" for specifics if desired)
  • Fixed a bug that was making first use of tools after loading fire off twice(double roll and durability hit)

0.9.2 Minor fix

It appears I had an issue with directory structure so it wasn't finding my custom icon for the sickle. So as a bonus I made some quick(very quick) icons for the pick and poon as well. Minor wording changes. (After working on this mod for about a week and agonizing over details, I whiffed on a few simple things with the first release. Here's to the future!)

0.9.1 Initial Release

First release includes the Advanced and Expert versions of Pick, 'Poon, and Sickle.


This was my first mod for Outward. I have a lot of experience with Unity and C# and modding games in the past. This was a wholly different experience and I couldn't have done it without the whole community on the Outward Modding Community Discord. I want to specifically thank:

  • Emo - My Outward-specific code guru. Easily 10% of my code is essentially his.
  • Faeryn - Another great coder that helped me.
  • IggyTheMad - Great modder and great community leader.
  • Vheos - Great modder with an excellent pack out there with pristine code.
  • Sinai - The godfather of Outward modding. We stand on his shoulders.
  • Dyskord - My buddy who convinced me to play Outward in the first place and a great gaming mind to help balance and test.

Future Updates:

I may incorporate the 3rd tier of each tool. A master version that will require even more effort to acquire. However, the tools are already at a diminishing return place. There isn't a huge need to be rolling in extra mats from nodes for any purpose other than farming for cash. They will work for the "unidentified" sample nodes which can be very handy for building the city, however.

I am also open for any suggestions to add in. A logging axe has been suggested, but with the way the game handles trees I don't know that I could pull that off. But keep the ideas coming! Meanwhile, I will likely be grinding away at a new addon.

Thank You!

Thank you for checking out my humble first mod. Please feel free to report any issues or suggestions to me on the Outward Modding Community Discord server( My channel is #gothiska-workshop.


Basic Help:

In order to get an idea of where to start... Speak with Loud-Hammer in Cierzo(the blacksmith).

Under the Hood:

Here are the details of how to acquire the tools and more specifics of the bonuses:

The smith in Cierzo will advise the player to seek out other blacksmiths. The blacksmiths in Berg, Levant, and Monsoon will have the recipe to craft the Advanced versions of the tools. The smith in Harmattan will have the Expert recipes. I have decided it is best for Dorion to have the Expert recipes in New Sirocco.

The Advanced versions add a flat 25% chance for an extra "roll" on harvesting from the node. This should in theory yield a second base ore/fish/plant any time it succeeds with the additional default rate for any extra items. The pick and harpoon have the slightly increased damage, durability, and value from their original counterparts. The sickle is now fully equippable and can be used as a weapon(sword).

The Expert versions do the same but at a 50% chance. Further increases to damage, durability, and value.

IF master versions are added I aim for 75% bonus chance and for acquiring these recipes to be more difficult(perhaps random drops) and/or a much deeper "chain-craft" to make them. Expect further damage, durability, and value increases. The damage should still be in line with end game weaponry(you wouldn't actually use them to fight for real).

Please do remember that you are welcome to reach out to me with bugs, suggestions, or feedback of any kind!

Available versions

Please note that the install buttons only work if you have compatible client software installed, such as the Thunderstore Mod Manager. Otherwise use the zip download links instead.

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