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Adjusts cold (disease) proc system.

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BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.8


Slower Colds

Slower Colds is maily intended to stop the annoying "instant" colds in Outward.

Outward has a very slow 2.5 minute (1 in game hour) check frequency for cold infections, which is probably why the chance is so high at 35%. The issue is that the first check usually happens immediately upon reaching the temperature threshold, meaning a fair amount of the time you will immediately catch a cold the moment you hit 40 temperature (Needs: Cold), which is a bit unrealistic and heavily punishes momentary temperature drops.

Slower Colds implements a more frequent check with a lower infection rate, smoothing out the curve, while also allowing minimum times before infection can happen. It checks for Needs: Cold or Needs: Very Cold instead of temperature, and uses the found status's age as timer.

The default values for Needs: Cold create a curve similar to vanilla without the sudden large front loaded jumps and a 30 second minimum, while Needs: Very Cold has twice the infection chance and no minimum time. Both check every 30 seconds instead of 150.


Needs: Cold and Needs: Very Cold each can have their own values for the following:

  • Chance: percent chance of catching a cold
  • Min Time: minimum time before the first check
  • Check Frequency: how often to check again