Mods uploaded by stormcancer

Armory Additions
This mod adds armors!
Last updated: a day ago
Classfixes Part 1
This mod series aim to add more characher to Vanilla skilltrees. Pack Contains: Spellblade/Mercenary/Philosopher/Monk/Hermit.
Last updated: 3 days ago
Knives Master
Daggers for mainhand(Knives), Totally New Custom Daggers, Big Dagger Overhaul, new trainer with new skill tree (Shadow Assassin)
Last updated: 4 days ago
Weaponry and Enchantments Additions
This mod adds extra weapons, enchantments and diseases related to them like vampirism and lycanthropy!
Last updated: 2 weeks ago
Magical Jewel Scepters
This mod adds Scepters for the main hand, and a Weapon Skill that requires them to cast spells depending the Scepter.
Last updated: 3 weeks ago
Brute Guardian
A class that specialize in brute force and shields
Last updated: a month ago