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Classfixes Part 1

This mod series aim to add more characher to Vanilla skilltrees. Pack Contains: Spellblade/Mercenary/Philosopher/Monk/Hermit.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

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API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.8.4
BepInEx-BepInExPack_Outward-5.4.19 icon

BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.19
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Adds a collection of custom SL_Effect behaviours for use with SideLoader.

Preferred version: 1.2.2


           ~Whats is this mod?~

This mod reworks the Skilltrees of Kazite Spellblade , Mercenary , Philosopher , Warrior Monk and Cabal Hermit by change the skilltrees layout , swapping skills between Trainers and adding completely new and interesting skills.

          ~Was that even necessary?~

We all enjoyed our playthoughts of Vanilla Outward but small things there, out of character thing elsewhere, lacking of option somewhere else, such things created a spark in me for what is possible for those skilltrees that could make them viable options for every combination or even make them stand on their own as main picks.

        ~Did you change or edited the Skills?~

I tried to not edit any actual Vanilla Skill, for the most part all of them are untouched for the sake of balance and for compatibility with other mods that may edit some of their aspects. In this mod I've only edited Chakram Skills requrements. So any mod that edit the vanilla Chakram skills is possibly incompatible.

        ~Will there be more reworked Skilltrees?~

This is the Part 1 of the 3 Parts series of mods. You can find the rest that are uploaded in the Thunderstore.

                -Future plans- 

More balance.


To report any bugs join Outward Modding Community on Discord and leave your commend on stormcancer-worksho Channel! Thanks a lot!


Many thanks to Proboina, Avrixel, Rickey_Soares, Schnabeldoktor and Breadcrumb_Lord for their help with their clever suggestions and ideas! They help me so much on my brainstorming! Also huge thanks to Emo for his amazing help on overriding the vanilla skilltrees with my custom new! Thanks to all the Outward Modding Community and to Sinai for the tools he provided us!

                   Enjoy! :)

                ~Spoilers Ahead!~

                    Whats New:


Avrakien(A Elatt Follower , can be found in the Conflux Chambers, he can teach you some basic offhand skills)


Heat Bullet(Required: Pistol, Warm Boon. Absorb the enemy’s heat into your pistol as a heat bullet. Shooting it requires the use of the Fire/Reload skill.)

Elemental Whirling(Required: Infused Weapon. Spin your weapon around you to create an elemental blast, inflicts a hex depending the active infusion. Can hit twice.)

Elemental Shock Wave(Required: Infused Weapon. Raise your weapon high removing the elemental infusion to release an shock wave that expands inflicting elemental damage to you enemies. If your enemies have elemental hexes that match your imfusion deals extra damage and consumes the hex.)

Spell of Absorption(Cast a spell that damages and absorbs an element from your enemy to infuse your weapon for a short duration. The element depends on what elemental hex is active on your enemy and requires only one corresponding elemental hex active on the enemy.)

Enchanted Vials Pouch(Increases your Pouch Capacity by 5 and your Elemental Damage by 5%.)

Mystical Infuse Weapon(Required: Any Sigil. Temporarily adds elemental damage to your main weapon depending the sigil you are in.)(Takes the place of Infuse Fire and Infuse Frost.)

Intuition(Grants the Clairvoyance boon, which decreases the Mana Cost of your Skills. Using this skill burns a bit of your maximum mana. Certain skills require this boon to be active.)

Force Portal(Spell which inflicts no damage but teleports your enemy away from you while giving you the Clairvoyance boon.)

Frost Affinity(Increase your resistance to Frost by 20 and the Frost damage you inflict is increased by 15%)

Light Sigil(Requires: Light Stone. Create a Light Sigil on the ground. Certain skills have additional effects when cast within this circle.)

Light Sigil+Spark(An Electric Blast with low electric Damage that heals you and your Allies.)

Light Sigil+Mana Push(An Electric Blast with high Impact that restores stamina to you and your Allies.)

Light Sigil+Mana Ward(Summons orbs that heal burned stats and has low chance to give random buffs random to you and your Allies.)

Light Sigil+Conjure(Summons orbs that restore the Mana to you and your Allies but burns some of your mana.)

Mystical Infuse Offhand(Required: Any Sigil. Temporarily adds elemental damage to your Dagger/Chakram/Shield depending the sigil you are in.)

Chromatic Call(Summon Chromatic Projectiles that follow allies and grants all the Elemental Boons.)

Elemental Orb(Required: Infused Dagger/Shield/Chakram. Summon Elemental Projectiles that follow up to two enemies and inflict them with the corresponding Elemental Hexes and Debuffs.)

Call of the Earth(Required: Infused Dagger/Shield/Chakram. Summon an elemental fissure thats travels in a line damaging all enemies inside. Consumes Offhand Infusion.)

                  Change on vanilla skills:

All shield skills were moved to Mercenary skill tree.

Chakram skills requirements changed , Chakram Pierce do not requires boon at all, Chakram Arch requires Clairvoyance and Chakram Dance also consumes Clairvoyance.

Fire/Reload can shoot the Heat Bullet Imbue.

Infuse Fire and Infuse Frost are now removed and in there place is Mystical Infuse Weapon.


Clairvoyance Potion(Recipe sold by every Alchemist except Levants)

Light Stone(Recipe sold by every Alchemist except Levants)

Available versions

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2022-9-2 1.0.0 284 Version 1.0.0 Install