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Less Obnoxious Samples

Because Sample gathering is a chore

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This mod requires the following mods to function

BepInEx-BepInExPack_Outward-5.4.19 icon

BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.19
sinai-dev-SideLoader-3.8.3 icon

API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.8.3


Unidentified Sample gameplay adjustments


Quick changes to make your city building a little easier, giving some Quality of Life improvements and Rotation Lock bug workarounds


  1. Download BepInEx
  2. Download SideLoader
  3. Unpack the contents of the zip file into the ...OutwardDefinitiveEd\BepInEx\plugins\LessObnoxiousSamples

What the mod does:

  • All samples are 1.0 weight, no longer you need to have Mefino's Backpack to be able to comeplete the story line

  • 3 new items made in Crafting Menu as combination of 2 same type samples:

  1. Raw Ore for 2 Ore Samples
  2. Herb Bundle for 2 Plant Samples
  3. [REDACTED] for 2 Molepig Specimen
  • New slightly more expensive Alchemy Crafting recipes added to be able to choose the reward from Evangeline - in case you ever feel like you got locked in one Sample Rotation

  • Lightweight Alchemy and Cooking kits can be acquired through Legacy system

This is yet an early version of the mod, so there is no in-game way to figure out the recipes yet, but I've prepared some hints that I'll post here. Have fun with those puzzles! :)

Mad Alchemist's Notes

"I'm STILL LOOKING for the fabled Phylosopher's Stone, but I CAN'T figure out what I'm MISSING! It's driving me crazy! I've looked under EVERY STONE, tried EVERY ORE VEIN - NOTHING! NOTHING! NOTHING! Am I wrong in my measurements?
Is 2 Raw Ores not enough?
-Sulphuric Mushrooms result in complete destruction of metals, all is left is some stone.
-Beast Golem Scarps refine the metal instead, but it's still not what I want!
-Boreo Tusk is utterly useless, creating uncolored crystals the size of grains of salt!
-Mantis Granite is the closest I got, crystals are big and look valuable...
-Maybe I should up the amount of Raw Ore and use Gargoyle Urn instead? YES! YES! THAT'S IT! SOON I'll be RICH! I just need to get that urn..."

Herbalist's Documentation

“Flora here in Caldera is fascinating, truly! I've identified some interesting growth patterns working on Herb Bundles, this information will change the agriculture forever:
-I've noted that roots of Common Ableroot can spread very deep into the ground in this enviroment.
-It seems Calygreys reguraly consume genus of plant "Tempestas Vites" - I think that's how they absorb electricity.
-"Parvus Ignis Muscus" has a particularly interesting place in Boreo's food chain.
-"Sanguis Radix" can successfully grow only in toxic enviroments, Phytosaur's poison works the best, I've noticed.
-Oh, and I feel very... strange, around plants growing on rotting meat... I think I've seen some brains..."

Hag's Scribbles

“ Oh tasty tasty Molepigs!
Powder some of Ammolite
I'll feed you Myrms and chop in bits!
Silver scarf I knit at midnight.
Pebbles and stones - your hearts and bone
Petrified just like my Wooden home
Because a pair of Entrails made all my mana gone
I shed woeful tears of Hexa Stone
And I'll prepare all the pits
For all the runts that see-through and blight
That didn't turn into my sewing kits
Snatched by Wailing Tentacles tight"
-By the Witch of Cancerous Storm

Spoilers for new Alchemy recipes below! I will remove that section on the page as soon as I implement in-game hints you see above

``- Raw Ore

  1. Funds - 3 Raw Ore, 1 Gargoyle Urn Shard
  2. Stone - 2/3 Raw Ore, 1 Sulphuric Mushroom
  3. Diamond Dust - 2 Raw Ore, 1 Boreo Tusk
  4. Chromium Shards - 2 Raw Ore, 1 Beast Golem Scraps
  5. Amethyst Geode - 2 Raw Ore, 1 Mantis Granite``

``- Herb Bundle

  1. Funds - 3 Herb Bundles, 1 Dweller's Brain
  2. Timber - 2/3 Herb Bundles, 1 Ableroot
  3. Flash Moss - 2 Herb Bundles, 1 Boreo Blubber
  4. Bloodroot - 2 Herb Bundles, 1 Phytosaur Horn
  5. Voltaic Vines - 2 Herb Bundles, 1 Calygrey Hair``

``- Entrails

  1. Funds - 3 Entrails, 1 Ammolite
  2. Food - 2/3 Entrails, 1 Myrm Tongue
  3. Ectoplasm - 2 Entrails, 1 Waning Tentacle
  4. Digested Mana Stones - 2 Entrails, 1 Hexa Stone
  5. Petrified Organs - 2 Entrails, 1 Petrified Wood``

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