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New Skill tree based on alchemy. Master bombs and transform matter through various stages of alchemy in order to unlock its true power. Check the Website for more infos.

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This mod requires the following mods to function

sinai-dev-SideLoader-3.8.4 icon

API and Mod Development Toolkit for Outward.

Preferred version: 3.8.4
BepInEx-BepInExPack_Outward-5.4.19 icon

BepInEx pack for Outward.

Preferred version: 5.4.19
SLExtendedEffects-SideLoader_ExtendedEffects-1.2.2 icon

Adds a collection of custom SL_Effect behaviours for use with SideLoader.

Preferred version: 1.2.2
Schnabeldoktor-Alchemists_sell_bombs-1.0.3 icon

This mod adds the bombs from TTB DLC to the alchemist stores and other merchants in Aurai. Price, weight, damage or any other functions of bombs are not affected by this. Check the Website for more infos.

Preferred version: 1.0.3


Alchemists Skill Tree Mod by Schnabeldoktor

BIG THANKS TO: Sinai for SL, Emo for SL Extended Effects. StormCancer, IggyTheMad, Avrixel, Breadcrumb_Lord and Emo for their endless patience and help. Fokson for the Active skill Icons. Hembrent and EverBlack for their feedback and ideas. The Outward Modding Community for their support, ideas and amazing atmosphere.

This mod adds a new skill tree: the Master Alchemist. Based around careful potion crafting, this tree is based around the core concept of an alchemical cycle. By sacrificing basic items, you will gain flexible skills that transform matter. With its breakthrough, your bombs will finally become useful tools in your arsenal! From beneficial to harmful, from specific to moldable, from residue to resource.

In order to begin your alchemical quest, head to Berg. A travelling alchemist has been spotted there who might know how to begin your training.

The Class has the following qualities:

  • 4 new skills to transform matter under specific conditions, advancing from a basic first stage through 4 stages of alchemy, in order to achieve the reddening of matter - Iosis. These skills also deal some minor damage to enemies nearby if done properly.
  • A highly flexible sigil to cast powerful magic - not consuming a stone or mana, it might sound tempting at first. However, casting it requires having an alchemical artifact that requires constant maintenance.
  • 2 very useful passives to introduce a new way of playing Outward: The bomb build! This tree's breakthrough removes the unpleasant delay that bombs have in order to make bombs a viable choice for a build.
  • A brand new legacy improvement for the preservation backpack: You will be carrying A LOT of potions, anyway!
  • There is a price to transmutating matter! Skills are a double-edged sword: all skills within this tree require simple but specific conditions to be cast. Important: the skill tree won't prevent you from making mistakes! If these requirements are not met, VERY BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Be prepared to experiment. Maybe you will find a use for the negative things that can happen!
  • A fair skill tree: a high-risk, high-reward playstyle with skills that reward preparation and careful inventory management means that you will be punished for being careless but rewarded for planning ahead, without being as OP as laying 100 traps in front a manticore ahem
  • A Hidden Location for Ambraine

I made this mod 100% only with Sideloader and Sideloader Extended Effects for the plugin. Photopea for art. Unity for some prefabs. It took me 50 days of intermitent work, going from 0 knowledge of any of these programs to my end result.

I added all the skills / changes below if you want to spoil yourself and know the exact details of everything in the mod.

This mod should not interfere with any other mods unless, idk, they remove bombs completely or place characters where I put them. During my tests it only seemed to conflict with Artis' Trainer Mod, but I think that has been fixed by him (thanks!).


  • Add 4 skills + 1 sigil + spell combinations (DONE)
  • Add new alchemical items with their respective uses (DONE)
  • Add 2 Passives (Partially done: Teachings of the magi passive only works with own hexes, experimental concoction works properly)
  • Add Alchemical Artifact with all functionalities (DONE)
  • Legacy Improvement for Preservation Backpack (DONE)
  • Legacy Improvement for Alchemist Robes (TO BE DONE)
  • Add trainer + Character that hints at location (Partially done: Trainer only has simple dialogue, in the future he should explain how some skills work)
  • Update skill tree with skill choice beyond breakthrough (TO BE DONE)

These are the skills without spoilers:

  • 100 silver: Melanosis First stage of alchemy, connsumes food waste and produces massa nigra, a robust Hex cleaner that is full of corruption.

  • 150 silver: Leucosis Second stage of alchemy, consumes massa nigra and produces massa alba, a magical potion that turns buffs into debuffs and debuffs into buffs. It can also replace charges in recipes for bombs.

  • 200 silver: Teachings of the Magi Hexes applied to you grant you a damage boost towards the opposite element. For example, being scorched boosts your ice damage by 5%. (Might be rebalanced in the future if more damage is needed). NOTICE: THIS PASSIVE WORKS PARTIALLY AS OF 20.SEPT.2022. Hexes you apply to yourself work properly. Hexes applied to you by enemies only trigger this passive if you reload the game. Working on a solution right now.

  • 600 silver: Breakthrough - Experimental Concoction Your bombs now explode almost instantly, but can damage ANYONE within their range. Damage and impact slightly nerfed (trust me, a needed balance change).

  • 700 silver: Xanthosis Third Stage of alchemy, consumes massa alba and produces massa flava, a flexible potion that can replace ingredients in alchemy recipes, as long as:

    1. the replaced ingredient is not ANY liquid (including potions, milk or liquifed corruption) or
    1. ANY form of mana stones, like a fire stone or crystal powder.

An example: you can craft a life potion out of 1 massa alba + water + blood mushroom OR 1 massa alba + water + gravel beetle. Massa alba + Gravel beetle + Blood Mushroom will not work! The massa alba can only replace liquids in recipes that are brewed out of 1 liquid + 1 ingredient. For example, you can brew 1 firefly powder + 1 Massa Alba to produce a blessed potion. This yields lower results though!

  • 800 silver: Iosis Fourth and final stage of alchemy, consumes massa flava and produces massa rubra, a powerful tonic that grants you a 20 second chemical rage that leaves you very vulnerable. It can also be used to restore the durability of the artificer's stone.

  • 800 silver: Sigil of Alchemy A sigil that requires having the artificer's stone in your inventory. So far, it only produces extra effects with spells, but I am planning on adding new effects to bombs if thrown within the sigil.


  • Q: Why?

A : Because I love an alchemist archetype.

  • Q: What does this actually do?

A: This mod adds a skill tree with 5 active and 2 passive skill trees + new items and 2 new characters.

  • Q: Are any other mechanics changed by this mod?

A: The only mechanic changed is how bombs work, other things shouldn't interfere with it.

  • Q: Which mods are needed for this mod to work?

A: Sideloader, Sideloader Extended Effects, maybe BepInEXPack and my other mod, the Alchemists_sell_bombs mod, which makes the bombs easier to craft and therefore not locked behind late-game content.

  • Q: Where do I find the trainer?

A: Head to Berg to find a hint or read below for spoilers for his exact location.


  • v1.0.0 - release

  • v1.0.1 - README Fixes

Known Bugs:

  • Might collide with artis' Trainers (hex effect, but I think its fixed, need testing)

  • NPC in Berg might give you more than 1 recipe every time game loads. Just drop the rest or sell them. This will be fixed soon.

  • Hex passive only seems to work with self-applied hexes or properly upon reload. Looking for a fix to this.

-------------------SPOILERS BELOW---------------------

  • TRAINER LOCATION : Abrassar, north-west of the Nomad's Oasis, inside the small fortification with mana veins.

  • Each skill can be cast with or without the required items. If they are cast without their required items, these will be the effects:

  • Failed Melanosis Black Lung disease + mid-high decay damage in a cloud. No item created.

  • Failed Leucosis Mercury Poisoning disease + high decay damage in a cloud. No item created.

  • Failed Xanthosis Arsenic Poisoning disease + high decay damage in a cloud. No item created.

  • Failed Iosis Lead Poisoning disease + high fire damage in an explosion. No item created.

  • All of these deseases can only be removed with panacea or death.

  • Failed Sigil of Alchemy Casting without artificer's stone produces a fire explosion and burns you. No sigil created.

  • Recipe for artificer's stone: one tsar stone + massa rubra + dark stone + leyline water in alchemy kit. If broken, repaired by combining the ruined stone + massa rubra in an alchemy kit.

  • Combinations with sigil:

  • Sigil + Mana Ward Explosion that deals fire and ethereal damage around you. Gives enemies aetherbomb status.

  • Sigil + Mana Push Fills your waterskin with 1 charge of leyline water.

  • Sigil + Flamethrower shoots four extra flames from the ground in a cross around you according to the flamethrower used (looks cool af lol).

  • Sigil + Spark if targetting an enemy, produces a small fire explosion on the targeted enemy. (placeholder for a new combination I will add later).

-------------------SPOILERS ABOVE---------------------

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